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Perfect Development Timeline for Website or Mobile App

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We will explore how you can optimise your digital solutions and software development needs.


Each day we receive emails containing questions like “How much does an app cost?” or “How long does it take to develop an app?”. Unfortunately, the precise answer to any of these questions does not exist. It’s like you’ll try to say at once how much a car costs. Because it depends on the number of options you’ll choose. The same goes for web and mobile development. Hereby we’ll describe the process of building a software project to clear up how the prices and terms are determined in Altamira. Welcome aboard!

Web and Mobile development Cycle in Altamira

01. Idea Analysis

When a client comes to us with an app idea, we start our work from the analysis phase. Our team considers planning the key to success. That’s why we take the materials provided by the client, examine them, assess the business goals and technical needs and advice the most suitable technologies. Very often our clients have some references in mind and our sales team noticed the common queries such as Uber-like, Kik-like and Whatsapp-like apps. That gives us an idea to create the dedicated pages for each of them.

02. Creating Specifications

After approving the general idea of the project, we proceed to the specifications stage. Our team strongly focuses on creating clear documentation as it prevents from any budget overruns and allows us to meet required deadlines and app legal requirements. The specification process has its own stages and executives. The business analyst writes Use Case scenarios and prepares the roadmap. UI/UX designer is responsible for wireframing. And finally, Architect confirms technology stack on which your app will be based on.

03. Design Stage

Then comes the most creative stage – design. Our company covers all kinds of artwork needed for the project: logotype, mockups, prototypes, interface design and even makes user experience testing.

We always provide several options for artwork in order to ensure that our designs match client’s vision. For example, when designing a mobile application each client gets 5 logo suggestions and 3 variants of screen design. Sounds good, isn’t it?

You can also check out our portfolio on Behance to get the notion of our UX/UI proficiency.

04. Development Process

Talking about programming the web apps, we do all our best to optimize the workflow. Our team uses modern web development IDEs, Git, integrate cloud servers, etc. Which Steps in Developing a Website do exist?

The web development stage includes:

  • Database Structuring.
  • Backend Development.
  • HTML/CSS Slicing.
  • Frontend Coding.
  • System Engineering.

Don’t panic if you don’t understand any nuances because we provide you with a project manager, who will be the “nanny” of your project and will answer all your tricky questions.

web and mobile development stage

Mobile app development covers iOS, Android and Wearables integration that significantly expands our client’s opportunities. Moreover, we always try to integrate ready-made solutions in order to save our client’s time and money. That helps to deliver the project as soon as possible at minimum cost.

05. Testing Stage

In Altamira we consider Quality Assurance (QA) testing to be an indispensable part of every development stage. That’s why we perform testing upon each milestone.

The testing stage includes:

  • Unit testing.
  • System testing.
  • Integration testing.
  • Acceptance testing.
  • Security checks.
  • Automated API tests.

Detecting bugs or defects early and fixing them straight away helps save time during later milestones.

06. Delivery (for web apps)

Finally! The last stage of development! During this milestone, we set up the live server/environment, provide code and database migration, test everything for the last time, transfer all the documentation and training to our client and release the project. Now is the time to celebrate!

07. Submission to Play Market or App Store (for mobile apps)

Our team has extensive experience with apps approval, so we guide each of our clients during the submission of the project to app store. During this final step, we prepare the live environment for the back-end, provide consultations about the guidelines for both Apple Store and Play Market and, finally, submit the code to stores.

08. Maintenance (optional for web and mobile apps)

Depending on a project, some of our clients require the ongoing maintenance as they lack in-house IT department. In such case, we provide clients with a dedicated team (familiar with the project) to support the project on a continuing basis. Our specialists perform all required updates including third-party APIs and modules, server maintenance and any kind of support and troubleshooting. Shortly speaking, you can contact us for help anytime.

Bottom line

By starting project with early discovery and analyzing its idea mitigates the client’s risks and prevents the budget overruns. When communicating with several agencies, you should always pay attention whether they are ready to prepare all the initial documentation like specifications and detailed estimation before signing the contract. Choosing the partner who really takes care of your project can later save you from frustration. 

On our part, we deliver each project in a transparent manner to meet all the needs and expectations of our clients.

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