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Top 5 Reasons to Build a Custom CMS for Your Website

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Maintaining your content with WordPress or another website builder can be effective if you don’t plan to expand your business, increase sales, improve services, and, well, grow. But what business doesn’t plan to grow? Certainly not a successful one.

Using custom CMS has a variety of benefits that themselves might make your business successful. Don’t go with the cheapest and easiest option when dealing with your digital presence. Custom CMS platform is not just much more effective, it is also a status thing that makes your clients respect you more. Read on to find out about the most significant benefits of custom-built CMS development.


So, why use a custom CMS? First and most of all, it is created to consider all specific individual needs of your business. A custom CMS website can be much more effective in case you’d like to implement custom features like the way people comment on your posts or how switching between the pages occurs.

Open-source CMS created with a website builder like WordPress instantly gives itself away. Website builders worked well enough 20 or 10 years ago.

Nowadays, they don’t give everything your business needs because the devil is in details and what any website builder misses is, precisely, details, making your site look like a thousand other sites out there.

So if you consider developing your own custom CMS website, it is better to hire a team of experienced software engineers who know how to build top-notch custom web applications.

Web application loads faster

One of the main benefits of custom CMS website development from scratch is to speed up your site. Custom CMS loads faster because the original backend code is optimized to do only what’s necessary and not a bit more.

On the contrary, custom CMS solutions made with a website builder depend on plugins, some of which might be useless, though still slowing your website down “in case” you might someday need them (you won’t).

If you add a content management system to the HTML code of your custom website, you won’t be bothered by the updates made by a provider. Sometimes this dependency on the third party can cost you clients because a surprise update can easily confuse you like it often happens with updates (that’s why nobody likes them).

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With a custom content management system, you’ll be in charge of updates, and you will only introduce those that are crucial and made in a controlled environment with all the details considered in advance. This way there won’t be some pop-up notification that appears from nowhere and distracts clients, some of whom would otherwise have become a big deal for your business.

Custom CMS – Security

Website builders for CMS solutions like WordPress or Wix are open-source platforms. Thus, they are less secure than a custom content management system. Chances to protect your client data are higher with your own software that uses the most recent and highly effective security protocols. Statistically, a WordPress site is much easier to hack than the one that uses custom content management systems.


WordPress and Wix or other less popular “drag and drop” CMS solutions make the sites that use them all look alike and only little differences are present. In general, they provide you with a similar website structure and designs of custom CMS solutions.

It is hard to stand out with a custom CMS solution like that, and your business needs to be as original as possible in order to attract clients. The uniqueness of your website is what makes you different from your competitors. Clients are less likely to engage with your business if you’re “just another service provider” or if you offer “nothing special”.


Before your own custom content management system development, you can perform holistic research and check out what other websites offer and what makes them successful. You may even make a list of the best CMS solutions to get inspired. Just take a look at ours with websites offering the Apple Pay option.


When you hire a development team to provide you with your own custom CMS development, you also get full-time technical support. They can be very helpful even way after the project is completed and already put to use. Consider it a warranty card that comes along with custom CMS development.

On the contrary, using a website builder, all you get is a FAQ section or a slow conversation (perhaps, even with a chatbot) that will never help you deal with pressing matters on time. That’s simply because website builders provide services to thousands of small-scale, low-budget business projects and cannot approach everyone personally.

Again, the true secret of success in business is being one in a million. That also means that your demands will be unique and will require unique solutions. And a simple FAQ section or a chatbot cannot handle that.

How long does it take to build a custom CMS website?

How much time will it take to build a custom CMS website? Good things take more time to develop, so making a custom CMS website is longer than doing it with a website builder like WordPress or Wix. It depends on the scale of your project, the demands of your business, the developers you hire, the technologies you use, and the amount of money you’re willing to pay.

So, there’s no saying for sure just how much time it will take to develop CMS solutions. Generally, though, making a great CMS development takes roughly 3 to 6 months.

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How much does it cost?

So, how much do CMS development services cost? This also depends on the scale of your project, a team that provides custom CMS development services, your marketing strategy, required technologies, and deadlines. Roughly, though, building your own custom CMS costs around $80-120K. But you should specify all the details in order to get correct estimations.


Website builders like WordPress or Wix can be good if you have something like a travel blog or a small-scale project with a low budget. But, if you have a bigger business operation on your hands and in case you’d like to gain a competitive advantage, the best option will be to hire a development team and let them build a custom project that suits your individual needs.

This way your site is going to attract more customers, have better security, and will load faster. It is also true that you will get full-time support from your development team because they provide technical maintenance even after the release.

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