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Cetec vs Custom ERP Development

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Modern business owners are in need of automating the whole workflow of their companies. That is why they think of developing and implementing smart software solutions that will optimize the work processes and make the company more productive and profitable. ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning is one of the business intelligence tools that make the company more automated, modern, and efficient. Usually, it includes all the necessary features for performing BI accurately – sales, HR, accounting, inventory management, and many other tools. According to Statista, the worldwide revenue from ERP implementation has increased since 2016. We would like to bring to your attention the diagram below to see more data about ERPs distribution.


We would like to discuss one more ERP brand or a ready-made solution Cetec and define its differentiation from custom ERP development.

What is Cetec?

cetec ERP

Cetec is a cloud-based ERP solution that is available for medium and large-sized business companies. Its main aim is to manage the work processes of manufacturing. This ready-made system includes Business Intelligence or management tools like CRM, sales, inventory, documents, scheduling, and other additions that help to optimize the company’s workflow. Cetec ERP also allows users to manage their procurement processes, convert requests for quotation (RFQs) to purchase orders, create lists of materials, and more. 

CRM is an inevitable tool for all companies that keep in touch with their customers every day. As we have already mentioned, it manages sales and responds to customers, schedules meetings or calls, saves communication history and generates sales reports that can be done by customer or product. Cetec is not a free solution, it is available for a monthly subscription that you can make vie email, phone number, or other resources. 

ERP Brands
We also recommend to have a look at our articles about other ready-made ERPs – Dynamics 365, ERPNext, Dolibarr, and ERPAG.

Cetec features

As we have already said Cetec has a wide range of business management tools that help to make the work of the company more productive and efficient. 

All-in-one solution
Cetec includes several different managing systems like ERP, CRM, MRP, and QMS. That is why the set of options is large as it gives the ability to track the quality of company management, sales, and accounting.
Available for complex manufacturing
This ready-made ERP is a little bit different from the previous we described ( ERPNext or Dolibarr). It suits large companies and can grow with your enterprise simultaneously. You also can handle stringent regulatory requirements and control dynamic production environments. Moreover, Cetec is simple in use and has an easy interface.
Modern SaaS for ERP
Cetec provides a full package of services if you buy a subscription – modules, support, maintenance, and version upgrades.
Users can manage the workflows and work remotely from any device and any place – tracking and assigning tasks and projects, controlling the attendance and other options.

Cetec pros & cons 

Cetec is a ready-made ERP solution that has a quite big number of advantages for your business. However, this system can be profitable for your company as well as damages if it doesn’t fit your enterprise for 100%.

We would like to bring to your attention the most common strong and weak sides of the Cetec solution according to the reviews from users who had experience with Cetec. 

Cetec advantages

  • Taking into account other alternative ready-made ERPs, Cetec is considered to be affordable by prices
  • The interface is practical and rather simple in use
  • Cetec includes all-in-one business intelligence tools
  • Cetec supports a mobile version so you can easily have access to the workflow from any device and any place
  • Cetec supports Data Analytics so you don’t need to implement this feature separately
  • Cetec can fit different business industries as the range of features is a kind of basic

Cetec disadvantages 

  • The integration of Cetec with the existing apps in your workflow can be difficult
  • As Cetec is cloud-base, the work speed of Cetec is slow
  • Poor repost customization
  • A limited accounting management tool that can fit only small enterprises

Cetec subscription pricing

Initially, Cetec ERP provides a free trial period to defi9ne if this system and its features are enough for your company and can help with workflow automating and managing with no damages brought. The basic price is $40 for one user of the system per month. The cost also depends on the range of features you need and the size of your company.

Nevertheless, a ready-made solution will never fit your company perfectly. Every business industry and enterprise in particular and has its own needs and goals. That is why a ready-made solution can not meet all your demands. Of course, Cetec could cover and manage some work processes and make your company more efficient but this is all temporary. We would like to bring your attention to the development of your own custom ERP solution that will have all features and options particularly for a perfect match with your company. 

What is Custom ERP Software?

Modern business companies look for a way of digitalization their work processes and make them more automate and productive. That why many of them build and integrate the workflow with smart software solutions. Daily employees of companies of all sizes cope with huge amounts of information like clients’ contacts, orders, reports, statistics, and many other tasks. It is very easy to mix-up some documents or lose important data. That’s why implementing of ERP is an urgent need for many companies.

Custom ERP includes a wide range of features that can be performed exactly to your company’s needs. Among the common features of custom ERP integration are:

  • It is a scalable and flexible solution
  • It includes BI tools like HR, finances, inventory management
  • It provides CRM and sales management tool
Custom ERP Development
Read more about developing a custom ERP and its benefits in the article on our blog. 

Benefits of custom ERP

ERP implementation the quite a challenging process as it has to be successfully integrated with the existing systems of your company. You also have to spend some time training your employees on how to use this system in the workflow to avoid errors and misunderstandings. Along with these temporary complexities, custom ERP has a lot of benefits that can make your company’s work processes more productive. Among the main benefits are:

Custom report generation

This feature is available due to the single database that gathers all company data in one place and shows real-time information. Users also have access to this data from any device and location.

Improved customer service

All data about the customers and their requests are recorded and kept in the database. ERP helps to avoid mistakes and mix-ups of important information. It also provides quick responses to customers and accurate order-making.

High scalability

ERP is the solution that suits different sizes of companies. Custom software is always flexible and can change and widen as the company grows. You can add more users, projects, access levels, enlarge the database, improve security ad many other needed options.

Reduce costs

Custom ERP manages all work processes like inventory, expenses, sales, HR, etc. As this system also provides analytics, you can always track the workflow and change the payrolls, quantity of equipment, track all payments, and invoices.

Improved efficiency

ERP optimizes the processes of all departments and some tasks are done automatically. Ir reduces the overload of employees and also helps to avoid mistakes in documents, payments, or reports.

Our expertise in ERP development

On our account, there are many cases where business companies needed ERP implementation. We developed an individual and unique software solution for each of them considering the requirements of their companies. That is why we have a rich experience in creating and implementing ERP in work processes to optimize and automate them.



Our main task, in this case, was to develop and implementing a complex ERP for the aircraft selling company. The initial version of the website was inefficient and couldn’t raise the company’s productivity.  The main functions added are the availability of easily search for the required model of aircraft, checking the current price and other details about the chosen object, and the ability able to check the differentiation between the different models of aircraft. Implementing ERP increased the productivity level of the company and makes the order-making more accurate and easier.

According to the recent statistics, aerospace and defense industries adopt ERP more often that other industries. From 2014 to 2020 the number has increased on 8.86%.

Finances online



We developed and implemented a custom ERP system in the Highrise Expediters company. This company provides a real estate service that helps to eliminate the problems and complaints between tenants and property owners. The company needed to integrate a single database for all data, provide notifications for tenants about payments or new violations, add Google analytics, and make the online payments available. All these issues were solved by implementing a custom ERP that helps to manage the company workflow and raises its productivity.

Custom ERP estimation

Our chief technical officer Evgen created an MVP estimation of the development of a custom ERP system. The total cost can differ from this estimation as it depends on the range of functions it will contain.

DevOpsDev HoursTotal cost
Business Analyst130$4160
PHP backend600$16200
JS frontend400$10800
Scrum master270$6210


As you see, implementing an ERP solution is obligatory for modern business companies. It helps you keep up to date with new technologies, optimize the work of your company, and make it more profitable. The last question is – which one to choose? It is not a secret that custom solutions are always the best variant for all business owners. If you feel that your company needs a digital transformation, we recommend you to contact our Business Analyst to define the weak sides of your company and turn them into strong ones.


Cetec includes the common features of a Business Intelligence solution – sales, accounting, HR, inventory, and other work processes management tools. However, this ready-made ERP can suit not all business companies and industries despite the wide range of features.
The development of custom ERP is a great investment in the future of your business. The average price of this solution is $52000. If we talk about Cetec, you need to pay $40 for one employee every month. The answer is obvious.
Cetec is a good match for a young company or startup. When your company grows and widens the number of employees and amount of work, then you should think of integrating of the custom ERP system.

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