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ERPAG software vs. custom ERP Development Comparison: Which is Better?

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Every business company has its own workflow with particular projects and daily tasks. Sometimes the amount of work is enormous and hard to be managed by employees. That’s why business owners tend to implement software solutions to manage all work processes and optimize the productivity of the company in general. ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning is a system that dilutes and balances the resources of a company automatically. It contains the required management tools for different work processes like HR, sales, financial, and other needed options.

In this article, we will talk about a ready-made ERP solution ERPAG and also compare its pros and cons to the implementation of a custom ERP system development, in your business.

Ready-made or custom ERP?
Also, have a look at the set of articles where we described the common ready-made ERPs – Dynamics 365, ERPNext, Dolibarr, and compared them to custom ERP development.

What is ERPAG?

ERPAG is a cloud ready-made ERP solution for small and medium business companies. It is usually called an all-in-one ERP system. It can suit different business industries like education, retails, and many others. To say a few words about its common features, they are manufacturing, sales, finance, BI ( Business Intelligence), and inventory management. It also provides report generation to track customers’ activities. ERPAG as any other ERP system helps to manage and optimize all work processes and reduce the number of human resources. Moreover, this solution can be easily integrated with APIs like Google Mail, Google Calendar, Google Drive, Microsoft, Magento, WooCommerce, Shopify, QuickBooks, Square, Stripe, and others. ERPAG has three different paid subscriptions – basic, standard, and premium. We will talk later about the prices` details and the conditions they provide. This ready-made ERP suits different operating systems like Windows, Mac, and Linux. ERPAG is implemented to digitize and automate work processes and make the workflow of the whole company more efficient and productive.

However, as ERPAG is a ready-made solution it can not meet all company`s demands accurately. So it has its own advantages and disadvantages that are based on the reviews from companies that have experience with this solution.

ERPAG system

ERPAG Pros & Cons

According to customer reviews, we covered the common pros and cons of ERPAG using in the business process. The decision whether it is worth implementing or not is up to you.


  • Full-featured MRP system included;
  • Handles a wide range of features like inventory, financial and sales management;
  • Prices suitable for small businesses;
  • Cloud technology enables mobile computing and gives the opportunity to use management tools from any device.


  • Pricing plans are constantly increasing;
  • Retail and service industries are not well-served;
  • Not enough integration support;
  • Multi-currency financial operations don’t work accurately;
  • Poor quality of mobile version, especially inventory management tool;
  • There is no searching notes feature;
  • It suits only small or mid-sized companies.

ERPAG Features

Inventory management

This tool lets tracking all inventory available in the company by checking the serial number, quantity, and state. It also supports product variations, material-based items, and non-inventory items.


ERPAG better suits small and medium-sized businesses. Management tools are available on different devices, including a mobile version. It helps manage work hours, tasks, and inventory.


ERPAG is a supply chain for small business companies. It includes minimal qty, back-ordering, automatic fulfillment combined with multiple suppliers, tiered pricing, and a multi-currency engine.

Sales and CRM management

ERPAG provides a full cycle of sales management for the company. It helps track opportunities, create complex estimations, and also contains price policy.

API integration

ERPAG can be integrated with:

  • Cloud Services like Google Mail, Google Calendar, Android App, etc;
  • Shippers like FEDEX, UPS
  • eCommerce like Shopify
  • Accounting like Quickbooks
  • Payment gateways like Stripe
  • Point of sale like Square

Finance management

ERPAG provides a wide range of financial tools and can be integrated with different financial operations. Among the main features are:

  • Invoicing
  • Purchase orders converting to supplier invoice
  • Actual costing
  • Manufacturing overhead cost

ERPAG Pricing

Let’s get into more detail about ERPAG pricing plans and the features they provide for business companies.

This subscription is available only for 2 users and the price is $49 per one month or $490 per one year if you want to pay at once.
The standard plan includes 5 users and the cost is $79 per one month or $790 for the whole year if you desire to pay in advance.
The premium type of subscriptions is available for 20 users and the cost per user is $149 per one month or $1490 for one year that is cheaper. 

Now we would like to attract your attention to the development of a custom ERP solution. Of course, a ready-made solution seems to be much easier to implement, but would it be a perfect match for your company? Have a look at the benefits of using your own ERP system and decide if it would be profitable for your business.

What is Custom ERP Software?

When you feel that your company needs a digital transformation, it is crucial to define the main goals you want to reach with software integration. Business owners want to make the workflows of their companies automate, optimized, and with no errors. As you may have guessed, custom ERP is a perfect software solution for the digitalization of your business.

It can be created particularly to the requirements of your company and help you reach crucial business goals.

Custom ERP includes a wide range of features that will be customized considering all your business objectives. Among the most required features for automating the workflow are:

  • Clear integration
  • Hosting Options
  • Scalability
  • Flexibility
  • CRM and Sales Management
  • Finance and Accounting
  • HR Management
  • Inventory Management
Read more about developing a custom ERP and its benefits in the article on our blog.

Benefits of custom ERP

Easy order-making

ERP automates the process of order-making, Thus, it reduces the engagement of human resources and the probability of error or delays. It also generates the shipment details and invoices to make them quicker and easier. ERP provides a full cycle of control of this process according to custom settings. Therefore, the efficiency of the company increases thanks to accurate and automatic order-making and delivery. 

Customer satisfaction

As ERP automates a range of work processes. it fastens and improves service or inventory delivery. Thus, it increases the trust and level of satisfaction of the customers. Custom ERP solution tracks each order, shows the time of shipment, handles the returned products, and records the reasons for these returns for future analysis.

Real-time update

All new information that is added to the ERP system is updated right away. If the solution connects different departments, each of them will keep up with the latest news and changes. All employees also have quick access to the required data, so they don’t wait for a response from another department for a long time. It generally boosts the productivity of the entire company and makes it unite.

Inventory management

Any business company provides the required equipment for each worker. Recently all inventory lists have been handled manually. Custom ERP eliminates human and paperwork. Any employee can add items in a single system with a detailed description like serial number, state, type, etc. They also can leave feedback about any item if something is wrong.

Expense tracking

ERP provides a general database where all company data is recorded and accessible for all employees. The custom solution lets controlling all payments, invoices, orders, and payrolls. As it also generates reports, you can always track your expenses, reveal potential mistakes, and thig of reducing some payments in case of need. Thus, it gives the opportunity to direct money to another important branch of your business and boosts the company’s productivity.

Our expertise in ERP development

On our account, there are many cases where business companies needed ERP implementation. We developed an individual and unique software solution for each of them considering the requirements of their companies. That is why we have a rich experience in creating and implementing ERP in work processes to optimize and automate them.

Elite Vehicles 

Elite Vehicles is a company the produces various parts for service cars like police, ambulance, fire engines, etc. Daily they get a vast number of new information – customer contacts, their orders with details, payments, and invoices, and much other info. Before they decided to implement a custom ERP, all orders were listed manually, all orders were verified and gathered for shipment personally. Custom ERP automated all the counted processes and reduce the need for human resources. It also eliminates the potential mix-ups and mistakes in orders and fastens the delivery service.

elite vehicles


Custom ERP for aircraft selling company website is the project we are really proud of. We were asked to improve the old version of the corporate website as it was inefficient and had a low UI. This case demanded developing a complex ERP with a wide range of custom features like availability of aircraft, their detailed descriptions, location, and manufacturer. This ERP system also provides the actual prices for the particular aircraft models. It also gathers all data about customers and their orders and makes it organized and accurate.


Today more business owners are looking for ways of automating their work processes. As it is not only about making the work easier but taking the company productivity on a higher level and bring more profit to the owners. Of course, ERP can not eliminate the human resource for 100% but it is an excellent and hard-working virtual assistant that makes the efficiency of the HR department much higher.

Custom ERP estimation

Our leading expert and CTO Evgen made an MVP estimation of the development of a custom ERP system with a basic range of features. The cost of the final result can differ from these numbers as it depends on the particular set of functions it will provide.

DevOpsDev HoursTotal Cost
Business Analyst130$4160
PHP backend600$16200
JS frontend400$10800
Scrum master270$6210


ERPAG provides a common set of management tools like sales, Human Resources, financial, and inventory. However, this ready-made solution fits only small and medium-sized companies and is not able to cover a lot of work processes.
The development of custom software solutions is always a perfect match for your company’s needs as it is built according to your goals and demands. Custom ERP is a great investment in your future as you pay once for the development and use it for your aims.
Before the development, you need to define your goals and make sure that your custom ERP can be easily integrated into your workflow. Then, you need to train your employees to use the system accurately and set admins who will manage the work processes through the ERP.


So the last question is what ERP is a perfect match for your company? It may seem that the choice between ERPAG and custom ERP is complex but you know that it is evident. The custom software solution is made to meet all your business demands and consider every tiny detail and peculiarity of your company and business area. Of course, ERPAG could fit and automate some work processes in your company but as the company expands its borders, the ready-made solution is not enough to cover the whole workflow accurately.

Custom ERP is a great investment in your business that will make it optimized, automated, more modern, and profitable in the nearest future. We have deep expertise in creating ERP for all business industries that are in the modern market. We know how to define the problems of a particular company and transform them into goals to reach.

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