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Digital Learning Era: Home Classroom Ideas

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The pandemic situation covered the whole world and all spheres of people’s lives. That’s why most companies, manufactures, and other facilities work remotely or online. The educational area is not an exception. Practically all schools, colleges, and universities continue their learning processes online. Thanks to the modern software solutions, it is not a big problem but it is important to strictly organize the studying for each student.

Today there is a vast range of different web and mobile applications that help to manage the learning remotely and track the quality of education.

In this article, we would like to your attention to the existing homeschool management systems and how important to choose the suitable one for a particular educational establishment.

Types of software for home education

Homeschool software is needed for students as well as for their parents. It helps to control all lessons, projects, set reminders, and timer for tasks and rest. There are different types of e-learning software important for home education but usually, homeschool apps unite all of them.

Record-keeping Software
Due to the vast number of docs and information students get during the studying process, all of it needs to be saved. Sometimes the amount of educational information is too large and needs a great space to record it. It can contain lectures, abstracts, attendance, tasks, projects, etc. This process sounds to be long-lasting and complicated but today there is a particular number of applications that help students to cope with that.
Scheduling Software
Planning every learning day is key to success in homeschooling. First of all, students or pupils need to make a list with the most necessary tasks for the current day, define the deadline of each task, and ways how to perform them well. Then they can set a timer for each project and don`t waste time on useless things. So students can make a schedule for a week or even a month that makes the whole studying process easier and more productive.
Curriculum Software
Along with personal scheduling, all students have to follow the official curriculum from their educational establishment. It can be provided by educational platforms that are available for students as well as for tutors and have different options for them. So teachers can set a schedule for the next months and tasks that should be done by a particular time. However, tutors also can create their own curriculums and buy the ready one on the internet.

Digital software for homeschooling

As nowadays education becomes digital it leads to full digitalization of educational establishments. It is a rather complex and long-lasting process but it is also inevitable for the current world`s situation. Most schools and universities continue to integrate the learning process with modern software tools that help them to make the studying process effective and real-time. Not all educational establishments can afford custom software development, that is why the ready-made platforms and apps come to help.

#1 Ireava

This is a software solution that provides management for schools. It can be integrated for common studying as well as for homeschooling. It proposes a wide range of features that track the activities of all students of pupils, create timetables, etc. The interface is pretty easy, and you can see it in the demo video below.

The platform is not free and has different pricing plans. It also provides a high level of security that is very important for educational establishments. Here is the list of the mina features Ireava provides:

  • Attendance tracking
  • Curriculums
  • Online library
  • Student portal for discussions
  • Timetable creation
  • Online payment for usage

#2 MyClassCampus

This solution is considered to be universal or all-in-one software for school management. It is a mobile app so it is not really convenient for the studying process. However, MyClassCampus includes many useful features for managing the remote learning process. We would like to bring your attention to a demo-video of this ERP system to know more details about its workflow.

We also defined the main features of this software solution as it is suitable for schools in general, teachers and students separately. The options are the following:

  • Attendance control
  • Curriculum organizing
  • Schedules for each class
  • Messenger between tutors and students
  • Grades list
  • Dashboard
  • Built-in LMS
  • Student records
  • Online payment
  • Students health records

#3 Vidyalaya

This is a school management system that can be customized according to your establishment’s peculiarities. It also suits all educational facilities – schools, universities, colleges, and other institutes. It has web and mobile versions for better convenience.

The range of features is common as for the school management software:

  • Timetable building
  • Student portal
  • Online payment for usage
  • Curriculum tracking
  • Class management

Tools for home studying

Along with the entire school management system, there are also many popular webs and mobile applications that are on the market for a long time. They were usually used for online courses or remote work. Due to the pandemic situation in the world, these apps are actively integrated into the learning process. Among the most popular, we would like to define:

  • GoogleMeet- app for video and audio calls or lessons with email confirmation
  • Google Forms – an app where teachers can create different tests for students to check the level fo knowledge
  • Google Classroom – this app is used for creating the courses and curriculums and sharing them with students
  • Flipgrid – it also makes the virtual classroom and provides the option of recording the lesson
Types of educational apps
Check the article on best types of educational apps on our blog.

Tips on how to organize your workplace

The choice of a convenient and suitable management system is important as well as the workplace organization. We prepared a shortlist of tips on how to make home education even more productive.

Documents arrangement

Keeping all files and documents accurate and structured seems to be a quite complex task to do manually. That’s why there are diverse tools and app that help to cope with it. The more simple you will organize all your daily tasks and projects, the easier the educational process will be for you. We all know that mess really interrupts people from necessary tasks.

As a decision, you can use Google Drive to create several folders with particular files in it. You can dilute them by subjects, teachers, or deadlines, for example. It is a good and simple approach to structured documents. You also need to give titles to all files in the folders for easy search and access to them wherever you need them. You can create any names you want as it is important to find the most appropriate way for you.

Structure links and browser tabs

As it is home education, and students don’t have the opportunity to attend libraries and lectures, they search for all the required information and knowledge on the internet. They usually have several subjects so the number of open tabs can be really vast. Some of them are necessary, and some are not. This is a similar situation to document organizing. If you don’t want to lose the needed links, you need to organize them too. Some browsers have an in-built option that lets you form your links into particular groups or folders. You also can use third-party services like OneTab – Google addition, which helps to manage your tabs and delete the unnecessary ones.

Reduce the distractions

When you study at home, there is a vast number of diverse distractions during the learning process. Parent, neighbors, TV, laptop, social media – and we can continue this for a long time. It is much more difficult to focus on the tasks at home. However, all projects should be done and we would like to recommend several solutions. Thanks to the digital era, there are many web and mobile apps that track your work time and rest time. They also help to control the number and longitude of distractions. You can set blocks to particular websites and apps and don’t see the notifications for a certain period of time. You also can turn on the timer to know how much you spend on your study and rest.

Among the popular application are:

Track Your Time

Despite its home education, you need to track time spent on studying and on particular tasks. It helps to avoid overwork and do all tasks and projects before the deadlines. The number of tracker application is large, you just need to choose one that suits you best.

To emphasize some of the most popular apps, are Harvest, EverHour, HourStack. Users can set a certain interval of time for performing any task. It helps to make your educational projects more qualified and faster.

Clean Desktop

A clean and organized desktop is not less important than organized documents and tasks. As usually students or pupils have several different subjects, it is very easy to lose something important in a mess on your computer desktop. It is better to structure all icons and create separate folders for all necessary docs. Deleting is also important. So if you still save files that you will never need again, then just get rid of them. As we have already mentioned, Google Drive is an excellent place to save all your structured documents, so your desktop could be clean. It is also important to say a few words about desktop patterns. If you spend too much time studying at your computer, you should pick distraction-free and soft patterns and pictures for your desktop.

Classroom atmosphere

To make home studying really productive, you also need to think of creating a suitable learning atmosphere in your room. It starts with educational software and devices to the convenient furniture and the right lighting. If you are lacking a comfortable chair, table, or lamp, don’t be stingy and buy things that are important as it can increase the quality of your home studying.

Our expertise in educational software

There is a vast number of ready-made school management solutions that help to track the learning process and each student at educational establishments as well as at home studying. However, each school and university has its own policies, courses, classes, and other peculiarities. Here comes a need in implementing your own software solution. On our account, there is great experience in developing custom educational software for different needs and purposes.

Little Apple

little apple

We developed a management system for an educational agency Little Apple that provides leading oral transliterators and paraprofessional services for students in private schools. As this agency had a huge number of customers, they faced difficulties with data records and organizing. It is impossible to sort all customers manually and the efficiency of the workflow started to reduce. So their main need was the development of custom ERP. We created and integrated the ERP system that helped to track customers’ data, providers’ management, and control payments. In general, this solution increased the productivity of the company as workers stopped spending much time on little tasks.


atlas app

Atlas is a language school that needed to develop an app for better communication with the students. this school has already had a website but wanted to keep up with the technologies and make their courses even more digital. The main task of this application is to notify their students about recent updates due to their courses, the latest news of school life, and other messages. The app also provides different categories by interest, so each user can filter and get notifications for what they need. This app is not just a simple messenger, it also helps to gather data about all students and define the topics they are curious about to increase the quality of courses.


The option for e-learning is available for a broad range of educational establishments thanks to modern software solutions. Schools, colleges, and universities can provide online education for all classes and degrees like Bachelor, Master, and other programs. It mostly depends on the decision of the facility administration.
Implementing of homeschooling management system gives the opportunity for educational establishments to provide a full-fledged studying process for their students. These systems usually include built-in LMS, student records and grades, curriculums, scheduling, and other options.
The main disadvantages of home education are the lack of socialization, motivation, facilities, and other necessary equipment. However, there is a vast list of different apps that help students to track the time, reduce distractions, meditate. The atmosphere of your “classroom” is also important, and it should be convenient and promote a work environment.

To end up

Today educational establishments go digital as mostly they are forced to so due to the pandemic situation. Teachers and students bring under remote online studying, and it would be impossible without smart software solutions. As modern technologies constantly develop and change, it is not a real problem to integrate simple learning processes with web or mobile platforms. The variety of homeschooling management software is vast and each school can choose the most appropriate variant. All of them are good for temporary usage. However, it doesn’t seem that the pandemic situation is going to end soon. So we recommend thinking of developing and integrating your custom management software that will all demands of your educational establishment and suits your studying process.

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