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How Software Developers and Tech Companies Help Ukraine


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As you already know, Russia has ruthlessly attacked Ukraine. Today is the 7th day of our battle. You’ve probably heard that many people joined the forces of territorial defense or some volunteer organizations. 

While our army and territorial defense bravely defend every city, Ukrainian people facilitated by our Ministry of Digital Transformation have created their own IT army. Now, development specialists actively create applications for: 

  • informing everyone about air attacks;
  • helping all refugees to find transportation and shelters;
  • establishing effective communication between all volunteers. 

The back-end and front-end developers work hard to make every app run smoothly, and project managers help coordinate groups of people and volunteers. The IT army is a powerful organization that already helps thousands of people in Ukraine. 

How you can help Ukraine 

These days, we observe enormous support from people located all over the world. They organize meetings, donate money, food, and other supplies to humanitarian organizations that deliver everything to Ukraine. We appreciate every act of kindness, every helpful deed. 

In case you are still wondering how you can help our country in this war, we would like to share with you some official links where you can leave your donations: 

Here is also a list of all crypto wallets accepting donations: 

  • BTC — 357a3So9CbsNfBBgFYACGvxxS6tMaDoa1P
  • ETH and USDT (erc20) — 0x165CD37b4C644C2921454429E7F9358d18A45e14
  • TRX and USDT (trc20) — TEFccmfQ38cZS1DTZVhsxKVDckA8Y6VfCy
  • DOT — 1x8aa2N2Ar9SQweJv9vsuZn3WYDHu7gMQu1RePjZuBe33Hv
  • SOL address —  66pJhhESDjdeBBDdkKmxYYd7q6GUggYPWjxpMKNX39KV

Also, one more effective way for you to help Ukraine now is to keep working with our businesses so that we can keep supporting our teams and people financially.

We would like to inform you that our offices in Slovakia and the UK work as usual, and as for our Ukrainian office – 80% of all team members who are located in safer regions of a country continue working remotely. They ensure continuous development and timely delivery. 

As long as our team members have regular work, we can keep paying them salaries, and they can help to provide our army with all the necessities.

What’s happening on the information front? 

Information can be a very powerful weapon, therefore all Ukrainian people and our team members actively post all materials on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. We share information confirmed by reliable sources to show the true and full picture of what’s happening in Ukraine. 

Many celebrities and worldwide companies support Ukraine and make their statements – Stephen King, Madonna, Jim Carrey, Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds, Kendall Jenner, Elon Musk, The Simpsons showrunners, and many more. 

We would like to emphasize that your support is no less important than all donations. So keep spreading true information and showing us your support on social media. It is very essential to bring the truth to the whole world. 

DDoS attacks on Russian websites 

The most famous organization of hackers “Anonymous” also stands for Ukraine. They declared a cyber war on Russia because the truth is on the side of Ukraine and websites and channels showing propaganda should be stopped. 

Also people from all over the world demonstrated their willingness to help on the cyber front. Now everyone who has a PC or a laptop can join our IT army and help Ukrainians with DDoS attacks on Russian websites. You do not need to have a technical background or any industry-specific knowledge. 

There are websites that automatically attack the IT infrastructure of our aggressor. Here are some examples: 

PPC and digital marketing specialists keep doing great job

Unfortunately, most Russian websites, YouTube channels, and news keep broadcasting propaganda and spreading false information about the war in Ukraine. They call this war a “special peacemaking operation”. 

Russian citizens must be aware of real events! Therefore, Ukrainian PPC and other advertising specialists decided to show the true events on Runet using their advertising tools. They turn on ads with videos and photos of Russian military attacks, pictures of soldiers who surrendered, and many more. 

Now every member of our own team pays special attention to bloggers with a large audience and the information that they share. If those bloggers misinform people and spread lies, we report their pages immediately to stop the information war. 

The SaaS businesses also have a strong position. Among the companies that imposed sanctions on Russia, stopped cooperating with it or pulling out of it completely there are: 

  • Dropbox – will discontinue its work;
  • Cex lo – bans Russian users;
  • Etsy – blocks Russian balances;
  • Facebook – bans Russian media; 
  • Instagram – introduces independent fact checking and bans propaganda;
  • Jooble – deleted their service and made official statement about it;
  • KUNA – no more mining for Russian users;
  • LinkedIn – prepares to pull out from Russia;
  • Microsoft Office – now discusses their sanctions and restrictions;
  • PayPal – ban on withdrawal of funds;
  • Parimatch – called off their franchise;
  • Spotify – the subscriptions cannot be prolonged;
  • Twitter – Russian people cannot register new accounts;
  • TikTok – bans aggressive users spreading propaganda;
  • Webmoney – banned all transactions;
  • Zoom – called off software development license. 

There are also companies that provide huge financial support to Ukraine. For example, Bolt donated €5 million, Grammarly – $5 million, Google – $15 million, Snapchat – $15 million, Viber CEO – $9 million. The empathy of big businesses is priceless. 

Words of appreciation to our clients 

When our clients heard about the war in Ukraine, they started sending us heartfelt emails asking how we are holding and how they can help us. Here is one recent email we received: 

client's support

We appreciate every message and every call. They warm our hearts and let us know that you stand with Ukraine. In case you want to get in touch with our team:

We are so lucky to have you, our dear friends, colleagues, and clients. And we are looking for new opportunities with you!

Stand with Ukraine!

Glory to heroes!

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