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Our team of experts provides custom retail software development services in response to the needs and challenges of the retail industry. Elevate your customer experiences and improve operations with our feature-rich and scalable eCommerce solutions designed to make a difference.

Altamira eCommerce & Retail software development

We help to transform and automate the internal process to improve supply chains, merchandising, warehouse management, logistics, and more.

Keep track of your inventory, run high-amount payments across many channels, monitor sales, and build real-time reports with a custom mobile POS system.

Manage all aspects of your retail business in one place, get an effective custom ERP solution to automate the company operations process, and help your employees work smarter.

Headless platform development

Speed up your time to market with a custom headless platform at a lower cost and improve the purchasing experience for your clients.

Marketplace Development

Connect buyers and sellers through your unique marketplace with a custom business model that will fit your business needs.

Custom retail CRM software

Build your own retail CRM system from scratch, connect with your existing commerce ecosystem, gather insights, and create efficient customer strategies.

Inventory management software

Get full visibility, stock syncing, code scanner feature, and real-time inventory tracking for wearable or desktop mobile devices.

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Key prerequisites to consider eCommerce software solutions from Altamira

01 Customer experience

02 Inventory management

03 Data analytics and insights

04 Mobile optimisation

05 Supply chain management

Retail and eCommerce platforms strive to provide a personalised shopping experience. Altamira team delivers exclusively user-friendly interfaces and efficient customer service options.

We design efficient inventory management systems to help track stock levels, forecast demand, and manage supply chains to reduce overstocking or stockouts.

Our team provides retailers with robust data analytics tools to understand customer behaviour, track sales trends, and make informed decisions about product assortments, pricing strategies, and marketing campaigns.

With the increasing use of smartphones for shopping, mobile-optimised eCommerce platforms and applications are a new must for reaching a broader audience.

Altamira delivers software that facilitates efficient supply chain management, from procurement to delivery, which is crucial for timely and cost-effective operations.

Services we provide

Altamira is your full-service omnichannel partner in the digital commerce journey. We create a seamless experience for next-generation retailers.

Expand your business and product line by contributing our expertise to the development of the mobile version of your POS system, commerce platforms, and other retail systems.

Custom eCommerce Development

With retail software development, we deliver highly innovative e-commerce solutions and applications to create a unique competitive advantage for your retail business.

Our IT team augmentation is aimed at long-lasting partnerships. The development team will develop, manage, and maintain whatever project is to add value to your company.

Leverage business management software to resolve the main challenges with logistics and inventory. Collect and analyse supply chain data to optimise and streamline processes.

How we do it

Altamira is delivering connected commerce and technology trends within the retail industry

01 Improve your supply chain

02 Boost conversion and retention

03 Implement automation

04 Adopt omnichannel solutions

We leverage business management software and services to resolve the main challenges with logistics and inventory.

We adopt marketing platforms, advanced analytics, and BI to know your customers better and tailor customer journeys to increase conversion, retention, and sales rates.

We help you to automate processes to reduce costs, increase the efficiency of your employees, and get better insight into your operations.

Offer quality but a unified experience when the customer interacts with you. Integrate different channels into one platform and simplify their management.

Case studies

Custom Mobile App for Dog Owners

Mobile App

Modern technology can help owners care for their dogs and keep them safe. GPS tracks and saves dogs’ history for their whole life, easily transfers it to new owners and ensures the security and detectability of the animal.

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Patient Care App

Healthcare Mobile App

The mobile app aims to present ways to help patients with chronic diseases and, at the same time, monetize the app by selling data collected directly from patients, which is of significant value to pharmaceutical companies.

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Point of Sales Saas Solution

Retail POS

Zemp is a multifunctional Point of Sales mobile app that helps retail companies to manage orders, check inventory and stock count, generate employee reports, perform convenient transactions, and see sales reports.

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All-in-one Solution App for Local Businesses

Social Network Mobile App

A native iOS and Android app that connects neighbors and helps local businesses to grow within local communities. Bestyn includes posts sharing, private chats, stories and built-in editor for their creation, and tools for promoting local businesses.

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People also asked

E-commerce software development involves crafting specialised digital platforms that enable businesses to sell products or services online. This process includes designing, building, and maintaining websites or applications that facilitate online transactions, inventory management, customer interaction, and other essential functionalities for online retail operations.

To run an eCommerce business effectively, you'll need various b2b eCommerce software solutions, including:

  • eCommerce platform development for creating and managing online stores.
  • Payment Gateways for secure transaction processing.
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is used to manage customer interactions.
  • Analytics Tools for tracking website performance and customer behaviour.

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The Agile SDLC model is often considered the best for eCommerce application development. Its iterative approach allows flexibility, continuous improvement, and rapid adaptation to changing market demands, vital in the fast-paced e-commerce sector.

Developing software for retail stores involves several key steps:

  • Requirement Analysis: Understanding the specific needs of the retail business.
  • Design & Planning: Creating a blueprint of the software architecture and user interface.
  • Development: Coding the software based on the planned design.
  • Testing: Ensuring the software is bug-free and meets quality standards.
  • Deployment & Maintenance: Launching the software and providing ongoing support and updates.

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Retail businesses typically use a range of software, including but not limited to:

  • Point of Sale (POS) Systems: For processing sales transactions.
  • Inventory Management Software: For tracking stock levels and managing orders.
  • eCommerce Platforms: For online sales.
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM): For managing customer data and interactions.

Retail software development aims to streamline various aspects of retail business operations. It automates sales processes, manages inventory, analyses customer data, handles transactions, and provides valuable insights into business performance, enhancing overall efficiency and customer experience.

Retail software solutions are digital tools and platforms retail businesses use to optimise their operations. These solutions cover a broad spectrum of functionalities, including sales processing, inventory management, customer engagement, and data analytics, tailored to meet the unique needs of the retail industry. For more information, contact us!

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